Transformational Living Wellness Lifestyle ─ TLWL, we are an exclusive support vessel, a mentorship, and educational platform for individuals coping with non-clinical mental and physical challenges.  We offer workshops, a healing space, wellness services, and preventative support to those who’ve experienced trauma, grief, and brokenness.  We are on a journey to raise awareness, to every individual, multi-racial ethnic groups, and others receiving inadequate support services, lack of representation, and the over-stigma surrounding counseling.

At Transformational Living Wellness Lifestyle −TLWL, Inc., we stand as a guiding light for healing and transformation, rising from the depths of brokenness. Our mission is to break down the barriers of silence, nurturing resilience through profound transformation and holistic well-being. By means of dynamic programs, mentorship, and a strong-knit community, we empower individuals to shape their narratives with strength, courage, and self-care.

Our Vision:

In the realm of Transformational Living Wellness Lifestyle −TLWL, Inc., we envision a world where brokenness acts as a catalyst for limitless growth. We lead the journey towards a reality where every voice finds its echo, every path is valued, and every setback evolves into a stepping stone. Our vision creates a tapestry of unity, where togetherness bridges gap and cultivates thriving lives.

Core Values:

  • Educational and Supportive Vessel: Our purpose is to be an educational and supportive vessel, navigating the challenges of non-clinical mental and physical issues. We nurture holistic growth while fostering wellness lifestyles.
  • Elevating Self-Esteem: We cherish the power of self-esteem. Through our work, we aim to elevate the self-esteem of those burdened with trauma, guiding them towards healing and seeking the help they need.
  • Embracing Brokenness: We weave the threads of diverse stories into a tapestry of strength, emphasizing togetherness and growth. Our aim is to close gaps, nurture growth, and build bridges of understanding.
  • Empowerment Through Self-Care: Our core value is empowering individuals through self-care, fostering a culture where strength is cultivated from within, leading to positive outcomes.
  • Influencing Positive Change: We stand as a beacon of change, bridging the gap between counseling services and underserved communities. Our aim is to empower, uplift, and reshape futures for the betterment.
  • Unwavering Commitment: Our commitment propels us to impact lives through educational programs, workshops, mentorships, and collaborations. We inspire individuals to embrace their potential and strive for the best version of themselves.