We provide a variety of programs for those that come to us and will make every effort (when necessary) to serve as a reference source, connecting them with businesses that can provide the specific care required.


Exploitation and Abuse / Sense of Self-worth /Digital Abuse / Cyberbullying


Death of loved one


Substance Use Disorders / Gambling

Behavioral Responses

       Anxiety / Isolation / Eating Disorder / Self-Harm / Depression / Panic Disorder / Bipolar Disorder


Family / Coupled / Incarceration

Unhealthy Relationships

 Abandonment / Bullying / Domestic Offender / Slavery / Human Trafficking

Medical Challenges

PTSD / Obsessive Compulsive Disorder / Cancer, etc.

Grief + Trauma

Loss of routine lifestyle / Body parts / Financial / Homelessness / Jobless, etc.

Inherited Trauma

Culture and Well-being / Police Brutality

Let the light shine as we move forward in the processes . . .