Generosity is a powerful word and a beautiful thing to do. Donating a little or a lot regardless, of the dollar amount (or energy) one has made a tremendous sacrifice. And their act of kindness doesn’t go unnoticed it’s because You Matter!



Partner, Give, and Support . . .

Regardless of the chosen stage to initiate action, the position held by Transformational Living Wellness Lifestyle — TLWL, Inc. allows for the dismantling of barriers of silence while fostering resilience through profound transformation and holistic well-being.

As a 501(c)3 organization, all contributions are eligible for tax deductions. Additionally, we welcome donations of monetary support, gift cards, and/or In-Kind Contributions, all of which have the potential to make a significant impact.


Samples of In-Kind Contributions:

Advertising, clothing (new), dry goods, equipment, property, school supplies, & vehicle, etc. See ways to donate chart for detailed list.

When providing these items, remember to indicate what type and preference area (if any).

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Contact Details:

Mailing address: TLWL, Inc.
2727 Paces Ferry Road SE
Building One, Suite 750
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Email address:
Telephone number: 404) 692-1427